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March 2-12, 2020

Holy Land Pilgrimage

 With Father Marcel Portelli, Pilgrimage Chaplain. To reserve and/or more information, please contact Pentecost Tours at (800) 713-9800.

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Please note that all sales are considered final but, in certain cases,  principally due to emergency circumstances and at the personal  discretion for Prayer Pilgrimages, LC, will be refunded. Pilgrimage  destinations, schedules, and other itinerary items are subject to change  without notice due to emergencies and/or unexpected circumstances.  Prayer Pilgrimages is not responsible for any losses or damages to  personal property, for injuries, sickness, expenses, or damages incurred  or claimed by pilgrimage participants. Prayer Pilgrimages reserves the  right to accept, remove, or decline any person participating or  intending to participate in a pilgrimage. The pilgrimage purchaser  and/or participant assumes the entire responsibility and liability any  claim, demand, action, or suit based on or arising out of the injuries  or damages to persons or property sustained or alleged to have been  sustained in connection with or incidental to participation in any  Prayer Pilgrimages pilgrimage. In consideration of the foregoing, the  pilgrimage purchaser and/or participant, his or her executors,  administrators, and assignees do hereby release and discharge Prayer  Pilgrimages, LC associated employees and volunteers and all sponsors for  all claims of damages, demands, actions whatsoever in any manner  arising or growing out of his or her participation.